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Packaged Pulses

Product deterioration and losses during transit and storage are caused by a variety of physical, chemical, biological, and human causes. Proper packing is critical in preventing losses, particularly in the tropics. The risk of grain degradation is greatly increased by the weather. The primary functions of packaging are: to allow for simple handling, whether manual or automated; to prevent product losses due to theft; and to protect the product from external attack (by humidity, insects, sunlight, etc.) Agricultural commodities come in a variety of packaging styles that are suited for the product’s features as well as the marketing strategy. Woven bags composed of plant or plastic fibres are the most common form of grain bag. Such fibres may often be used to make reasonably cost bags that perform the purposes indicated above. The type of bag chosen should consider not only its inherent toughness and resilience to dampness, sunshine, and pests, but also the sort of handling expected.