Biscuit Manufacturing

Shivangi Bakers epitomizes cutting-edge innovation in biscuit manufacturing, boasting a fully automated plant with an impressive capacity of 60 metric tons per day. From the seamless loading of raw ingredients to the precise packaging of the finished product, our state-of-the-art machines ensure unparalleled efficiency and consistency.

Our journey began with a focus on traditional biscuits, but in 2009, a transformative expansion led us to enter the realm of cream biscuits for Parle, initially with a capacity of 20 metric tons per day. Through strategic growth and the unwavering dedication of our strong workforce of 700, we have elevated our production capacity to an impressive 80 metric tons per day, delivering pristine, hygienic, and premium-quality biscuits to our discerning customers.

At Shivangi Bakers, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere rhetoric—it is woven into the very fabric of our operation. From the meticulous sourcing of premium ingredients to the exacting standards upheld in every stage of baking and packaging, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure that each biscuit embodies the cherished essence that Parle-G is celebrated for.