Cattle Feed Mesh

A compound feed is a balanced mixture of several concentrated feed ingredients. Grains, bran, protein meals / cakes, chunnies, agricultural by- products, minerals and vitamins are common ingredients in compound cattle feed. Compound feed for cattle is an inexpensive source of concentrated supplements and can take the form of mashes, pellets, crumbles, cubes and more.  The compound feed is nutritious and tasty for growing, adult, dried, dairy and pregnant animals. Regular use of a certain amount of cow compound feed in addition to the basic feed can optimize the cost of producing milk from dairy cows and increase net profitability.

Currently, only two types of compound feed for cattle’s are produced in India. Given the increased milk yield, geographical differences in feed availability, and farmer preferences, cattle require different forms of compound feed. The National Dairy Development Commission also promotes the use of various compound feeds such as use of mash and pellets in calf starters, calf breeding meals, high performance feeds, slow feeds, buffalo feeds and dry cow feeds.

Enriched by our vast experience in this business, The Cattle Feed Mesh, which we offer, makes a perfect animal feed as it contains all the nutrients essential for cattle for ex:

Protein: 24%

Fiber: Around 5.5%

Moisture: 18%-20%

Oil Content: 9-10%